LEG UP Class Series benefiting

Dancers Against Cancer

January 27th, 2017 - Pearl Studios

LEG UP ON LIFE's first event started a class series taking place at Pearl Studios. The goal was to provide a full day of affordable classes featuring a up and coming teachers and choreographers. The goal was also to encourage dancers to branch out and take from new teachers in new disciplines to gain more knowledge and respect for each style included.

Footage by: NB Studios

Faculty Line Up:

Stephanie Bissonnette - (Jazz Funk)

Quinten Busey - (Tap)

Joey Dippel - (Jazz)

Daniel Gold - (Jazz & Partnering)

Oren Korenblum - (Tap)

Nicole Pavone - (Yoga)

Lizz Picini - (Musical Theatre)

Sarah Powell - (Pilates)

Trevor Sones - (Contemporary)

Brad Trump - (Ballet)

Chaz Wolcott - (Musical Theatre)

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