MATRIARCH benefiting Planned Parenthood

Dixon Place - April 30th, 2018

MATRIARCH brought 14 female identifying choreographers together to celebrate women through dance. Each choreographer brought their own unique style of dance to life to give the audience an appreciation for each individual's background.

Footage by: Full Out Creative


Emily Brown


Sarah Crane

Brinda Guha

Bekah Howard

Natalie Malotke

Ashley Marinelli

Meghan McFarren

Arianne Meneses

Steph Noble

MiMi Scardulla

Jena Vanelslander

Katelin Zelon


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Select Performances:


Choreography: Brinda Guha

Music: Nitin Sawhney

Performers: Julia Sitch, Morgan Lamb, Rashmi Rajendran, and Ramita Ravi

Footage: Full Out Creative


Choreography: Katelin Zelon

Music: "Last Dance" by Donna Summer

Performers: Alicia Newcom, Caylie Rose Newcom,

Elle-May Patterson, Melissa J Hunt,

Marissa Barragan, and Shaye B Hopkins 

Footage: Full Out Creative

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