The Spoken Word Gala 

Alchemical Studio Theatre A - January 22nd, 2018

The Spoken Word Gala brought text to life for an evening as the choreographers combined text by up and coming literature artists to create new works to be brought into an intimate setting. Each piece very different and brought a variety of styles in both dance and literature.

Footage by: Full Out Creative


Patricia Crumrine

Shany Dagan

Niani Feelings

Brinda Guha

Arianne Meneses

Bobby Morgan

Cassie Nordgren

Devin Richey

Kristen Brooks Sandler

Brad Trump


Adam Wedesky

Press Release:

Promotional Flyers/Video:

Shot and Edited by: Full Out Creative

Choreography: Daniel Gold

Excerpt by: Rupi Kaur

Select Performances:


Choreography: Kristen Brooks Sandler

Original Poem: Joyah Love Spangler

Featuring: Taylor Broadard, Grace Calio, Joyah Love Spangler, & Nicole Pavone

Footage: Full Out Creative

"A Resolution for December"

Choreography: Patricia Crumrine

Original Poem: Deborah Kim

Performer: Patricia Crumrine

Footage: Full Out Creative

Dancers: Courtney Liu & Adam Wedesky


Direction & Choreography: Cassie Nordgren

Original Poem: Roddy Kennedy & Cassie Nordgren

Featuring: Roddy Kennedy, Giorgia Vitali, Melissa Hunt, DeMarius Copes, & Edward Cuellar

Footage: Full Out Creative

"A Resolution for December"

Choreography: Niani Feelings

Original Poem: Imani Cezanne

Performer: Miyah Henderson

Footage: Full Out Creative

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